Tag Heuer Watches: Reviews on Formula 1 CAH1210 BA0862 Watch

Black is bottomless darkness, is a umbrella to cover everything, is full of fantasy black holes, however, black gestates the mysterious birth, a glow in the dark will be more impressive. This is the overall black tone of the tag heuer formula 1 series wrist watch, with pure steel white luster, which is the coolest color collocation, and the best choice for the cool and handsome successful men. Here will explore more about the mystery of the black timing wrist watch of Tag Heuer Formula 1. The official models: CAH1210 BA0862.

Unlike the rolex daytona swiss replica, the Tag Heuer Formula 1 features is to highlight the function of timing, the distribution design of the circular dial lets a person easily distinguish its function, and also similar to the appearance of the car. At three o ‘clock direction there sets the small seconds dial, and the 30 minutes timing is located at 9 o ‘clock position. The calendar display window is set at the location of about 4:30 o’clock.

Watchcase material is stainless steel and ceramics, the combination of the two materials embodies the Tag Heuer designers developing and utilizing various materials. The outside of the watchcase uses the Large Arabic numerals to display the function of timing, matching with the slender watch hands, to show the feeling of competitive of the time and sports. The timing button above the watch crown is the “start”and “end” of the timing, below the watch crown is the button of “return to zero”. The side burnish of the watch case is smooth, without a scratch. The angle of the watch ear is every straight, it links closely with the strap, and this design is suitable for sports men to wear. Strap is made of stainless steel – ceramic overlay, and  also naturally shows two colors, which is consistent with the Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch  whole design style.

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