Swiss Watches: Reviews on Vacheron Constantin 86060/000 r – 8985 Watch

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In Hong Kong horological exhibit in 2015, vacheron constantin has launched two new GMT wrist watches, which were respectively made by 18 k platinum and 18 k 5 n pink gold, both vacheron constantin GMT wrist watches are carrying the vacheron constantin homemade 2460 WT movement, and the movement can realize the time reading of 37 time zones, and vacheron constantin has applied for a patent for this kind of movement. Here we are to appreciate the vacheron constantin 18 k 5 n pink gold watch, whose official number is 86060/000 r – 8985.

Adhering to the brand pioneering spirit of carrying forward, and the faith of commiting to creating multi time zones chronograph, constantin present in 1932 represented its first chronograph with the GMT function. This one is 18 k rose gold watch, and another one is 18 k white gold watch, and both has not big difference. Wrist watch is applying with 42.5 mm diameter design, 18 k rose gold watch case. And the biggest characteristic of this GMT watch is that it not only can display the whole-time zones, but also can show part of the time zone, you can show real time of 37 time zones. Wrist watch crown and watch ear are all made of 18 k rose gold, crown is thread type design, which is convenient to set up the wrist watch, on the crown of wrist watch, there is engraved with vacheron constantin classic Logo.

Even though this GMT watch looks complicated, its operation is extremely simple, and you just need to choose the referred time to adjust to the black triangle mark at the position of six o’clock, then you can read the standard time of the destination you want to know with the hour pointer or the 24 hour plate. The watch size is 36.6 mm in diameter and 7.55 mm in thickness, and it can provide about 40 hours of power storage.

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