Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex Submariner Date

rolex submariner fake
rolex submariner fake

There are so many watches being sold in the market at different prices, but not all the waterproof watches can be worn for diving.

Due to the wrist watch waterproof effect test of the general factory is done under the condition of static, namely the highest compressive strength values of adding pressure in seconds. However for our actual users who go swimming even in a shallow pool, there will be continuously rise and descend actions, during this period it is as a moment in the wrist watch of the dynamic compression and decompression without pause, especially in the process of floating, the wrist watch under pressure at that moment is much greater than the actual depth of the water. Here I just want to remind you don’t think your wrist watch shows the waterproof of 30 m and 50 m then you can go swimming without any worries, as the theory and practical use experience tell us that you must have the wrist watch that can be placed in underwater at least 100 m (that is, 10 ATM), then it can only be called the real watch which has the function of diving and swimming.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date – Submariner Watch

For this Rolex Submariner watch, it is the masterpiece of the solid and durable Rolex watches, whose Cerachrom word bezel is made of extremely solid and anti-corrosion, anti-Scraping special ceramics. The special grooved design of the outer bezel let the wearer can easily operate even wearing gloves or in the water. This a bit of blue color must be the heart of love for many men, which has more connotation and is more etherealized than that of the green bezel, and more simple than cola bezel, which also reveals something melancholy and fully embodies the sedate gentleman charm and low-key style.

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