Swiss Watches: Reasons to Buy Swiss Rolex Watch

replica rolex submariner
replica rolex submariner

Regardless of people focusing on luxury goods or not, they must have heard the name of Rolex. As it is known to all that Rolex is a very famous watch brand, and it is expensive, but why Rolex watch is good? Why the price will be so expensive? Usually watch mainly is used to tell time, but like a Rolex watch, itself value is far more than the value of time.

Watch as the name suggests it being a watch wearing on the wrist and a tool for time measuring, and the original role of the watch is timing to tell people the time. But now with the development of the watch industry, the emergence of more and more noble watches also gradually changed the meaning of watches. Like Rolex, joins the expensive decoration on the tool of timing with exquisite craft, such as gold and diamonds and other costly stones, and joins the good function configuration that normal watches can’t have, such as waterproof, to make it have the difference on the status when compared with the traditional timing watches, that is to say, Rolex watches are not just a simple timepiece, Rolex watches but also represent a symbol of wealth and status.

The Exclusiveness of the Rolex watches

Rolex is luxury watch brand which is made in Switzerland, and its design and production always maintain the traditional style. It’s performance including fully automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dustproof, etc., which make perfection more perfect on the workmanship, especially the dial, watch button and strap, and the engraved crown is a sign of its high quality. Because famous watch brand uses advanced equipment, high quality materials on manufacturing, which has reached the processing precision and high degree of finish. Real Rolex watches, regardless of work and writing are very sophisticated with perfect touch.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex Submariner Date

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rolex submariner fake

There are so many watches being sold in the market at different prices, but not all the waterproof watches can be worn for diving.

Due to the wrist watch waterproof effect test of the general factory is done under the condition of static, namely the highest compressive strength values of adding pressure in seconds. However for our actual users who go swimming even in a shallow pool, there will be continuously rise and descend actions, during this period it is as a moment in the wrist watch of the dynamic compression and decompression without pause, especially in the process of floating, the wrist watch under pressure at that moment is much greater than the actual depth of the water. Here I just want to remind you don’t think your wrist watch shows the waterproof of 30 m and 50 m then you can go swimming without any worries, as the theory and practical use experience tell us that you must have the wrist watch that can be placed in underwater at least 100 m (that is, 10 ATM), then it can only be called the real watch which has the function of diving and swimming.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date – Submariner Watch

For this Rolex Submariner watch, it is the masterpiece of the solid and durable Rolex watches, whose Cerachrom word bezel is made of extremely solid and anti-corrosion, anti-Scraping special ceramics. The special grooved design of the outer bezel let the wearer can easily operate even wearing gloves or in the water. This a bit of blue color must be the heart of love for many men, which has more connotation and is more etherealized than that of the green bezel, and more simple than cola bezel, which also reveals something melancholy and fully embodies the sedate gentleman charm and low-key style.

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Swiss Watches Buying Guide

rolex daytona swiss replica
rolex daytona swiss replica

Among all kinds of branded Swiss watches such as rolex replicas swiss made, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Piaget, Panerai, IWC, Hublot, Tag Heuer etc. we are going to talk about the Cartier and IWC and Panerai watches here! If you are the fan of these branded watches, just keep your step here with me!

For the Cartier, the waterproof Cartier Tank Watches are divided into ordinary waterproof and professional waterproof Cartier Tank Watches. Ordinary waterproof Cartier Tank Watch can prevent water splashing, and professional waterproof Cartier Tank Watch will undergo immersion in different depth of water.

When it comes to the IWC, the white gold Portofino Moon Phase (IW459004) is the flagship among Portofino series. Dial, consisting several layers of paint is a great feat. Dark dial sets off the glaring diamonds to its best form. IWC designers first display the whole moon phase into a starring night, and the moon and stars seem to be in a great galaxy. This amazing picturesque is realized through 90 diamonds on the bezel.

The final one is the Panerai. DO you still remember Panerai 512/513 promoted in 2013? Radiomir got a lot of attention but some may be not content with the movement, as the P.999 can only work for 60 hours. Comparing with ordinary movement, 60 hours of energy reserve may be enough, but become inferior when comparing with Panerai home-made movement. Things are completely different in 572/573, because the latest P.4000 movement is applied to it, and the energy reserve reaches 72 hours which jumps into the line of long-time power reserve movement. With excellent movement inserting on them, Radiomir 1940, I believe, will become popular again. As p.4000 is an automatic movement, so ‘’AUTOMAIC’’ word is found on it, which means there is a home-made movement, while 512/513 is a p.999 manual winding movement.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex Cellini Time Watches

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fake rolex

Hour, minute and seconds are the required elements of the daily timing, the Rolex Cellini series Without distractions is full of classical charm, and shows its honor to the eternal law of the traditional watch making industry with simple and clear the surface, and repeats essence of the wrist watch again with elegant modern style, and even launches a Cellini Time watch with hour, minute and second function in this year’s Basel show.

The same as all other Cellini series watches, the branded-new Time watch has 18 ct white gold or rose gold eternal styles for you to choose from, with a total pieces of four. On the classic round watchcase of 39 mm in diameter, there sets with the watch crown of chic modeling and decorated by polishing, which is matching by the arch of outer bezel and the double outer bezel which is made of triangle grooved, and the arch screw-plug bottom cover and horn screw-plug chain crown, which features bright color and high identification. All the watch dials are decorated with paint, or black and silvering classic “Rayon flammé de la gloire” radial costa, along with Gold three-dimensional hour markers. Slender Roman numerals with unique styles, is separated by Minutes orbit moving to the middle of the dial, and combined with the double-edged sword shape pointers, whose design is simple and agile.

This Rolex watch perfectly explains the essence of classic tabulation, on the clean and tidy dial there only sets the minute second display functions, which can meet the demand of daily basic reading, to further promote the rolex’s pragmatism. It is carrying the automatic chain mechanical movement which is made by Rolex, and has got the certification of COSC. At the same time, this Rolex Cellini Time is equipped with decorative sewing stitches Bright black or light brown alligator leather straps, supplemented by 18 ct gold strap buckle, to show the most purely traditional style. Also check replica diamond rolex for more choices.

Swiss Watches: Replica Rolex Watches Review

The Swiss manufacturer, Rolex, has been manufacturing top quality wristwatches and accessories since 1905. Rolex is that the largest luxury watches complete these days. The corporate produces over 2 thousand watches per day. Rolex is taken into account to be one in the entire foremost valuable world complete. Their product is superior thereto of the other watch company. As a result of each Rolex encompasses a serial variety and a special engraving, Rolex watch was ready to determine the owner and also the British police were ready to capture the felon.

Over a long time, the Rolex is a great choice for those business man because of its accuracy guarantee and quality guarantee. And nowadays, the new Rolex Cellini watches also are capturing the love from the watches fans, because of its tourbillon design, which add more choices for those people who enjoy charming mechanical design while look for the elegant watches.

rolex yachtmaster swiss replica
rolex yachtmaster swiss replica

The twenty first century, for the known Swiss complete, is that the amount of perpetual innovations, breakthroughs and edition complications. All duplicate Rolex watches square measure product of qualitative materials to make sure their long life. Though not everybody is the pinnacle of state or a strong business mogul, they will still seem like one by wearing a reasonable Replica Rolex Watches.

When you are choosing a Rolex replica Swiss, if you are a man, the rolex daytona replica and the Submariner Rolex are the best choices for you especially for those who enjoy diving so much, and if you are a lady, the Datejust replica watch will be the idea one for you because of its charming appearance which can show your elegance and prestige at the same time. Replica Daydate and Cellini replica watches and so on are also top sales among all the Replica Rolex wrist watches.

Comparison on the Rolex movement and omega movement

omega replica watches
omega replica watches

We often say that Rolex has the classic 3135 movement (there will be more details later), in fact, OMEGA also has a classic 8500 movement. These two movements, of course, are not only brand’s self-made movement, but also the brand’s star movement and classic movement. It may even be said that the born of OMEGA 8500 coaxial movement marks the return of OMEGA to the family of Swiss watch manufacturers that has its own design and production of unique movement. Of course, some friends say its revolutionary impact on the field of movement is not inferior to other famous sports. However, compared with Rolex’s 3135 movement, there is a little important difference that OMEGA’s 8500 movement is still very young which means it must continue to accept the baptism of time and test. In 2007, OMEGA launched its own 8500 movement system with a coaxial escapement. This also can be called OMEGA’s regression to brand origin. Because OMEGA’s name comes from the name of the movement that it developed and produced in 1890. It should have been a brand with more emphasis on movement.

Among the many Rolex movements, the 3135 movement is the classic of the classics. It is also one of the main movement of swiss replica rolex watches. It has been applied to almost all of Rolex’s classic watches, the famous “submariner”, “Datejust” and “Deepsea”.

The 3135 movement is currently the main men’s movement which has the largest number of production and long time span. It is also the second movement that has 28,800 vibration frequency after 2035. Although it is improved from 3035, the design and process are more mature, and it is also recognized as a generation of “movement king”.

The basic technical data of 3135 movement are as follows: movement diameter 28.5 mm, thickness 6 mm, pendulum frequency 28,800 times per hour, 31 gems, power reserve of 50 hours, instant-jump calendar, Glucydur alloy balance wheel, 4 weights, Breguet hairspring, KIF Shock absorber

Performance King

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in the movement of the automatic winding system, Rolex movement is equipped with some unique red wheel, of which adopts TEFLON printing crafts. They are excellent in corrosion protection, wear resistance and friction reduction.