Comparison on the Rolex movement and omega movement

omega replica watches
omega replica watches

We often say that Rolex has the classic 3135 movement (there will be more details later), in fact, OMEGA also has a classic 8500 movement. These two movements, of course, are not only brand’s self-made movement, but also the brand’s star movement and classic movement. It may even be said that the born of OMEGA 8500 coaxial movement marks the return of OMEGA to the family of Swiss watch manufacturers that has its own design and production of unique movement. Of course, some friends say its revolutionary impact on the field of movement is not inferior to other famous sports. However, compared with Rolex’s 3135 movement, there is a little important difference that OMEGA’s 8500 movement is still very young which means it must continue to accept the baptism of time and test. In 2007, OMEGA launched its own 8500 movement system with a coaxial escapement. This also can be called OMEGA’s regression to brand origin. Because OMEGA’s name comes from the name of the movement that it developed and produced in 1890. It should have been a brand with more emphasis on movement.

Among the many Rolex movements, the 3135 movement is the classic of the classics. It is also one of the main movement of swiss replica rolex watches. It has been applied to almost all of Rolex’s classic watches, the famous “submariner”, “Datejust” and “Deepsea”.

The 3135 movement is currently the main men’s movement which has the largest number of production and long time span. It is also the second movement that has 28,800 vibration frequency after 2035. Although it is improved from 3035, the design and process are more mature, and it is also recognized as a generation of “movement king”.

The basic technical data of 3135 movement are as follows: movement diameter 28.5 mm, thickness 6 mm, pendulum frequency 28,800 times per hour, 31 gems, power reserve of 50 hours, instant-jump calendar, Glucydur alloy balance wheel, 4 weights, Breguet hairspring, KIF Shock absorber

Performance King

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in the movement of the automatic winding system, Rolex movement is equipped with some unique red wheel, of which adopts TEFLON printing crafts. They are excellent in corrosion protection, wear resistance and friction reduction.

Vacheron Constantin Watches: Reviews on Patrimony Traditionnelle 89000/000P-9843

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vacheron constantin replica watches

This top watch explains again the special features of Patrimony Traditionnelle: the exquisite and chic design, strict work, a calm and elegant disposition. All of these show the extreme beauty of the master. The concept of Patrimony Traditionnelle has been riching since 2006, which has been all-round interpreted in this work. The elegant and neat 950 platinum dial has been sandblasted. And it was engraved the precise “PT950” in the position between 4 and 5 o’clock. The dark blue Mississippi crocodile watchband of 950 platinum holding buckle uses the perforation technology. The hand sewn 950 platinum silk thread shows the perfect charming splendor. This watch has the limited edition of 50, each of them has the independent product number.

This watch is equipped with the 2260 movement. In order to guarantee the power reserve of 14 days, Vacheron Constantin 2260 movement is equipped with two group of double going-barrel, which means there are four going-barrel working together with a speed of four times slower than single going-barrel. The 2260 movement is made of 231 components and two big holddown.

The inspiration of tourbillon came from Malterse cross, which shows the precise technology of micro parts, including a large number of pure manual cutting internal angle and bevel angle. Except for the movement, the whole watch has been certification of the Geneva seal. The new approval standards of Geneva seal has been extended to the outer parts of the watch, and mainly focus on the link of movement and watchcase.

 Technical Parameter

Watchcase: 950 platinum

Diameter: 42mm

Thickness: 12.22mm

Transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover

It past the test of

Watch dial:   950 platinum that has been sandblasted

“PT950” in the position between 4 and 5 o’clock

Black paint scale

Watchband: The manual sewn dark blue Mississippi crocodile watchband decorated with 950 platinum silk thread
buckle: 950 platinum triple-holding buckle
Polished half Maltese cross.
Limited edition of 50 pieces.

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